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  • Acehe is a brand for high C rating premium lipo battery, its superb 75c constant and 150c burst discharge rate means that it is not only capable of powering your day-to-day applications, it is also designed meet high-end RC racing demand, especially when it comes to drones and multirotors. Wherever lower C rated batteries struggle to supply power to and overheat, Acehe excels!

  • Lets face it, drones today are not just getting faster and more agile, they literally defy gravity and break all the rules of physics. This is why, following the success of the massively popular Acehe 75C Racing Series, Acehe has made the even badder and faster Acehe 95C Formula Series. This series has pushed the physical limit of lithium polymer battery to the very limit, so that their users can push themselves to  do the very same.


    Capacity:  1300mAh
    Number of Cells : 4
    Total Voltage: 14.8V
    Continuous Discharge Rate: 95C
    Burst Discharge Rate: 190C
    Balance Plug: JST-XH
    Discharge Plug: XT-60
    Battery Size: 79 x 33 x 32mm/3.11 x 1.3 x 1.26 inch
    Package size: 125 x 55 x 55mm/4.92 x 2.17 x 2.17 inch
    Net weight: 167g
    Package weight: 201 g


Showing all 2 results